SNEAK PEEK: Education Week's 2019-2020 Editorial Calendar and Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Education Week reporters and editors have been working diligently to build out the planned editorial calendar for the 2019-2020 school year that address the areas of greatest need and interest for your target audiences of District and School Leaders.

In the Sneak Peek, you will have topic and date info for our three major content moments:

  • Special Reports: Deep, independent journalism created by our editorial team members expert in written and visual reporting. A prime opportunity to message to your audience across print and digital mediums at a time of high engagement with EdWeek content.

  • Virtual Summits: Interactive Professional Development opportunities for educators led by our editorial pros and tapping into our network of subject-matter experts. Excellent for lead generation and for positioning your organization as a supporter of quality learning for education leaders.

  • CIO/CTO EdTech Reports: Targeted story packages on pressing topics for district tech leaders and those who influence district tech decisions. Delivered online for this digitally savvy audience.