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Connecting with / Following the EdWeek Market Brief Editorial Team

Our editorial colleagues from EdWeek Market Brief enjoyed presenting and interacting with you all at the Summit in Denver. Should you wish to follow our team members on Twitter or LinkedIn, please follow the links below:



Below are links to our event presentations. Reminder: We welcome you to share the links to these online presentations internally with your teams. However, these represent significant original research of Education Week and EdWeek Market Brief, and remain the property of Education Week. Please do NOT share outside of your organization. 

Insights from our Annual EdMarketer Survey of K-12 Executives

Insights from our Annual EdMarketer Survey of District Leaders

Flash Report: Equity and Your Business

Flash Report: Making EdTech Work

Flash Report: Learning Environments

Flash Report: State Policy Outlook

Flash Report: Federal Policy Outlook

Interactive Session: In search of Relevance

Additional Resources:

Webinar covering Last Year's District Leader Survey Findings

Webinar covering Last Year's Education Marketer Survey Findings