Quarterly Briefing: K-12 Leaders’ Biggest Problems in Assessment, and the Solutions They Want

Originally Aired: September 2019

In a new, nationally representative survey, EdWeek Market Brief asked school district administrators in open-ended questions to tell us the biggest problems they face in assessment, and to invent the ideal solutions they want from companies. In this quarterly briefing, we’ll break down what those district administrators told us. We’ll also jump into survey results on a number of other key questions, including the qualities that K-12 leaders want in formative assessments; how often districts replenish or replace classroom assessments; which companies district administrators see as best at solving their assessment problems; and how assessment purchasing priorities vary by district size and region.

The results are part of a special report, Assessment Problems & Proposed Solutions: What District Leaders Want, which is the second in a three-part research project. The first report in the series focused on curriculum needs; the third will focus on professional development.

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