What’s the Role of Education Companies in Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

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Over the past year, students, parents, and school communities have wrestled with how to address longstanding racial inequities and take a more inclusive approach to meeting the needs of the diverse populations they serve. A new EdWeek Market Brief special report looks at this issue through a distinct lens -- by examining how education companies in the K-12 market can support – rather than impede -- districts’ diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
In this briefing, we’ll dive into the findings of the report, which include the results of a nationwide survey of district officials on what they want from education companies in supporting DEI. The survey asked K-12 administrators, principals, and teachers about their expectations for how vendors can bolster DEI through not only their practices and personnel, but also through their development of innovative products in areas such as curriculum, assessment, and professional development.
Attendees will come away from the briefing with the following:
  • Insights drawn from surveys of K-12 officials about the specific types of products and features they believe promote racial/ethnic diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • A look at the kinds of company actions – through public messaging, hiring, and executive leadership – that district leaders see as most important in supporting DEI
  • The perspective of a district administrator and an education company official on how the findings in the report align with their experiences in trying to support DEI.
  • Lindsa McIntyre, Secondary School Superintendent, Boston Public Schools
  • Kelli Doss. Chief Talent and Equity Officer, Reading Partners
  • Sean Cavanagh, Managing Editor, EdWeek Market Brief
  • David Saleh Rauf, Contributing Writer, EdWeek Market Brief

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