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School District Purchasing Priorities | 2024-25

A major funding stream is going away. A tangled assortment of needs have not. EdWeek Market Brief's new special report, School District Purchasing Priorities, 2024-25,comes as school systems across the country prepare for an abrupt change in the financial landscape. Over the past 4 years, a total of $190 billion has flowed into K-12 education through federal stimulus aid. That historic amount of money is set to expire after this year.

This report, now in its third year, looks beyond the stimulus horizon. It examines district spending priorities for the next fiscal year, which will begin this summer and extend through next school year. Its findings are based on nationally representative surveys conducted of district and school leaders, as well as classroom teachers, by the EdWeek Research Center. It finds that core district demands for many of the products that districts have come to see as essential in the years immediately after the pandemic—SEL, supplemental math and English/language arts materials, and devices, in particular—have not gone away.

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